2022 Giving Season

Shannon and Angie are back at it for the Holiday Season and are helping those in need.

If you recall last year, Shannon and Angie helped out a family in need by accepting donations from those who are able to. Last year they were able to help provide a presents for kids, help a family with expenses and even provide a Christmas dinner, and it was all thanks to generous people like you.

Well, that time is here again, and they would like to help as many families as possible.

How you can help:

We have put up the Christmas tree and are accepting donations from our members. Donations are welcomed in the form of gift cards from the following:

  • Walmart (link)
  • Toys-R-Us (link)
  • Pre-paid Visa / MasterCard
  • Safeway / Sobeys (link)
  • Or any gift card, really

Cash is also welcome, but we’d prefer gift cards for optics sake.

Can’t make it in-person to give? We’ve linked as many as we can for digital cards. Send the gift card to info@nulifestyle.ca and we’ll pass it on.

Donation Deadline

We’re hosting an event on December 3rd and there will be an event on December 9th at Knetic which will be the final night that Shannon and Angie will be accepting donations. After this, they’ll be heading to the stores to make (hopefully multiple) families Christmas just a little less stressful.

Got any questions? Let us know: info@nulifestyle.ca